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What an Insured Must Know Before He or She Claims Insurance

An insurance claim is an official request an insurance policyholder sends to their insurer to ask for compensation. However, the insured must know a few facts before he or she claims insurance payment. This write-up will apprise the readers of these insurance basics.

1. Compensation applies if a covered loss occurs.

Policyholders must know that the insurance company only bears responsibility if a covered risk happens. Fortunately, insurance laws allow a policyholder to cover more than one risk, provided they’re willing to pay a specified monthly premium.

2. The insured must fill out a formal request.

Some insurance policyholders wrongly think they only need to call the insurer for payment. Insurance laws stipulate that clients must fill out an official claim to kick-start the compensation process.

3. An insurer must conduct a thorough loss evaluation

Claim professionals can attest that the insurance company must do a proper damage evaluation. Remember that insurers must honor the law of indemnity. Compensation aims to help an insured financially recover after a covered risk occurs.

4. Repayment period varies

Usually, the payment settlement duration depends on the intricacies of an insurance claim. Some policyholders can receive their full payment in under three months after filing a claim.

claims insurance

Common Kinds of Claims in Insurance

Clients can ask for compensation by filling any of the following insurance claims. The respective company will review the request and get back to the policyholder.

1. An Own-damage insurance claim

A holder can fill this request if an accident occurs due to their fault or recklessness. However, the client must have comprehensive insurance coverage to qualify for compensation.

2. A no-fault damage claim

In some cases, an accident may result from another person’s mistake. An insurance company will only approve this claim if they establish that the insurance holder had no hand in the accident. Additionally, the insured should hold a valid comprehensive cover to enjoy compensation.

3. A third-party insurance claim

This claim applies if a third party sustains an injury after an accident. Additionally, it covers any damage to a third party’s car due to an accident triggered by a given insurance coverage holder.


All policyholders must understand that companies have an elaborate claim process. Therefore they must understand the procedure exhaustively before submitting claims insurance. It will not hurt to engage an insurance expert to follow the process accordingly to get your compensation.





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